ESS Clinic – Covid Safety Measures Patient Information


Dear Patient,

In light of the Covid19 pandemic, we have put various safety measures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all patients attending the clinic. This letter outlines the processes that have been implemented so that patients know what to expect before and on the day of their appointment.

To ensure optimal hygiene we are undertaking daily deep cleans of the clinic. Kindly attend having thoroughly washed your hands with soap or antibacterial gel, for at least 20 seconds, prior to entering the building.


A member of the administration team will telephone you to remind you of the appointment. During the call, some screening questions will be asked to check if you are displaying symptoms of Covid19 or whether you could have come into contact with anyone with the virus.

If the screening questions are answered and there are no concerns, you are fine to attend your appointment as scheduled. If any answers raise a possible ‘red flag’, we will reschedule your appointment for the following month.

If you develop symptoms after speaking to the administrator, kindly telephone to cancel your appointment and reschedule the booking for a later date. The clinic telephone number is 0208 989 2004.


In order to ensure optimal hygiene, the clinic toilet is closed for public use.

Please attend on your own wherever possible unless a carer or interpreter is required to attend to help during the appointment.

An intercom system has been fitted to the entrance door at the clinic. When you arrive at the clinic, please approach the door and communicate with staff through the intercom.

We are only permitting two patients at a time into the building so reception staff will only admit entry at your appointment time. Please do not arrive late to your appointment as you may not be seen.

Our clinics are being carefully scheduled to allow social distancing and cleaning between patients. A member of the team will advise where to sit when you arrive for your appointment in order for us to maintain maximum distance between patients in any waiting area.

The administrator will take your name, release the door and tell you where to go. You will find a ‘PPE pack’ on the desk in the waiting room. Please put on the gloves, mask and shoe coverings whilst you are waiting to be called by the clinician. Personal belongings should be placed in the plastic box that will be located in the Consulting room and should remain in the box throughout the entire consultation. For this reason, we ask that you attend your appointment with minimal belongings.

Please note that we aim to complete all consultations within 15 minutes to ensure minimal face to face contact. Any further communication that is required may be undertaken on the telephone once you have left the building.

Please dispose of any PPE (masks, show coverings, gloves etc.) when you arrive home and do not leave it in the clinic.


Thank you for adhering to these safety measures. ESS Clinic aims to continue to provide an exceptionally high level of care whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all patients and staff using the building.

If you have any queries in relation to the above, please telephone the clinic on 0208 989 2004 (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm).

Kind regards

ESS Clinic

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