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Having Asian skin myself, I wanted to find a medium skin peel that would be safe to use for all skin types.  Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin is prone to pigmentation and many skin peels that are available can actually worsen dark pigmentation.  Following extensive research, I looked at many of the available medium peels on the market and I have chosen to use the VI Peel (Vitality Institute) at ESS Clinic. The reason I have chosen this facial peel, is that it is safe for all skin types and it contains a blend of ingredients that work to improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin.  I have seen excellent results when used to treat sun spots on the skin or areas of pigmentation on the face.  It also helps to soften lines and wrinkles and reduce or eliminate acne scars.


For any patient undertaking the facial peel, whether this is a superficial or a medium peel, I would always advise at least 2-4 weeks of treatment with an antioxidant serum prior to the procedure.  This helps to prepare the skin and I find that the result from the skin peel is optimised.

Following any facial peel, it is important that sunblock is applied on a daily basis for 2 weeks after the treatment.  A sunblock and also a post peel protectant cream are part of the aftercare service and are inclusive in the cost for every patient who has the VI Peel.

I am very excited about using this facial peel as it has allowed me to treat all skin types, including Asian and Afro-Caribbean skins, whereas previously, there were very few products on the market that were safe to use.  For more information on the VI Peel, please visit their website








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